About FMC

The act of solemnizing marriage historically belonged to the people.


Kellie-Lea has chosen to devote her life to the service of the people.  

This calling originally manifested in the form of her military service in The United States Army and Army Reserves.  She has spent 12 years of her life serving her the people of her country to include a tour to Iraq and culminating in her achievement of the rank of Sergeant First Class.

Along her journey, she recognized that each individual follows their own path to spiritual awakening.  

As a member and Ordained Minister of The Universal Ministries, she vows to respect all paths and honor each person's personal journey toward their personal Truth.  

Kellie-Lea further recognizes the diversity of the world and vows to perform her ministerial duties without prejudice of any kind.  

She will do her best to personalize her ceremonies to meet the individual needs of each couple and to reflect what it is they appreciate most about each other. Kellie-Lea supports all faiths, races, genders, creeds, and supports the LGBTQ community.

The name “Forward March Ceremonies” is a tribute to Kellie-Lea’s passion for military service.

The phrase "Forward, march" is a marching command executed when commanding troop movement. When given the command, the group smartly steps off straight ahead in a forward direction.  She chose this name to signify couples taking the first steps to enter their journey together. Always marching forward, never looking back.

Forward, MARCH!